Wednesday, December 17, 2014

knit you advent calendar 2014, day 17: t-shirt transfer designs

Day 17 in the Knit You Advent Calendar 2014: DIY printed t-shirts

Okay, my own sweatshirts got me thinking - and this is what the thought led me to! Cute t-shirts for the little boys or girls (okay, one for big ones too!). Something every knitter loves to see, right?! If they are not wearing the actual sweaters of course...

DIY printed t-shirts - or bags or...

Note: Be careful when trying this for the first time, maybe try on some old clothes, on something you don't mind ruining if things don't go right the first time... Also follow the instructions on the transfer papers carefully!

You need:

- Plain sweatshirt/t-shirt/bag
- Printer
- Iron-on Transfer papers
- Iron
- Old newspapers
- Scissors

Follow the instructions on your transfer paper to do things right, because they may vary slightly. I had a different transfer paper this time, designed for dark fabrics, so I needed the image to be the right way (not mirrored)! I added both options for you -

Download the prints: here
Mirrored: here