Sunday, July 26, 2009

test knitting, anyone?

Edit: I have enough test knitters already! Thank you so much.

I was wondering, if any of you dear readers would be interested in some test knitting? No, I'm not talking about Modern Garden Cardigan, not yet. But my Plain and Simple Pullover pattern is ready for some testing! (Maybe these pics will refresh your memory - it was so long ago...)

If any of you might be interested, please leave a comment or send me an email to veera DOT 100rain AT gmail DOT com.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Slowly the light shifts. Midsummer's light, when it never gets really dark, is still here, but not as in June. We are heading to august. And in August there will be beautiful warm and dark nights, perfect for celebrations, lanterns, friends.

Bearing that in mind, I thought of this herringbone pullover. Perfect for keeping you warm, even in the middle of the August-night. It's beautiful creamy white, like a glimpse of that midsummer's light.

Oh, it turned out beautiful. Many times at this point, when I'm figuring out how I feel about some finished piece, I notice too many things sort of wrong. I see the need for improvements. But that's not the case this time. I love every detail in this pullover, the tight herringbone pattern and the twisted ribs are exactly as they should be.

Pattern: my own
Yarn: Sandnes Garn Fritidsgarn
Needles: 6 mm

I'm adding this to my patterns-to-write-up-list (which is so very long already), since I love it so much.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

modern garden

We have no garden and the plants on our balcony, mainly herbs and a few sunflowers, are taken care of by my husband (and little boys). But I'm getting more and more interested in the shapes of plants, the way they grow and transform. That inspiration (and some from Twinkle and some from knitting school dropout) made me think of this Modern Garden Cardigan.

I wanted to see if I can shape my cardigan with leaf patterns. And it is possible! Too bad I didn't thought it trough in the beginning, so it changed a lot on needles - and has some small problems and mistakes in it. All in all it was fun and fast to knit. It only took three days to complete. Since I was a bit sceptic of the outcome, I used some not-that-special yarns. In the end the yarns are just right and I love that grey shade.

Pattern: None
Yarns: Novita Anni, Novita Wool and Sandnes Garn Fritidsgarn held together
Needles: 10 mm

The cardigan is made for a dear (and smaller than me) friend of mine. I hope she will enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Spinning has been on my mind for a while now. I have been taught to spin in school, but I did find it rather difficult back then. I still have left the yarn I spun then, and now I think it's simply beautiful tough the color choices are a bit strange (white and purple and some blue!?).

But last week I discovered a beautiful, old double-drive spinning wheel from a shed at my husbands family's summer place. It was covered with spider webs and dust and everything, but it had all the needed parts and it seemed fully functional. A little cleaning and oiling, and it worked like a new (well, I do not have any experience on a new spinning wheel, but you get the point).

I did not have any wool suitable for spinning, but found some wool that was planned for felting. It was difficult to spin, but the wheel seemed to work just right. And it was so much fun, even if it was a bit too hard for a beginner like me! So now I must first get the wheel home to me (which my dear mother-in-law kindly promised) and find some proper wool for spinning.