Sunday, December 14, 2014

knit you advent calendar 2014, day 14: printable gift tags

Day 14 in the Knit You Advent Calendar 2014: Gift Tags

Only a bit more than a week to Christmas! How is that even possible? These two weeks of December have gone by so unbelievably fast... I've been so focused on this fun little calendar adventure, that I haven't really given much thought for the actual Holiday! I should quickly start with all the baking and cleaning and... and the Gifts!

Giving gifts is a huge part of the holiday to us (okay, to me!). I usually try to give handmade gifts, preferably something I did myself. Not that it really happens always, but the intention is good! To be honest, I don't have a single gift yet, but at least I do have cute gift tags... Sharing these with you as today's surprise!

The gift tags should work for many different gifts, even though they were designed especially for knitted things. If your gift isn't woolly, you probably don't need all the material/care info, so just print the top side/first page!

Download the pdf-file here.

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