Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the second

We have snow - well more water than snow, but you can still see some white spots here and there. Little O was astonished in the morning: Look mommy, there's crumbs in the air. This might be the perfect time to show you my second design - Modern Garden.

Quickly knitted with super bulky yarn, it's great for winter. Thick, but still flattering. Almost all shaping is done with the leaf motifs and I'm so happy it worked! The pattern is charted, but the carts are so basic that every knitter can knit this.

Happy knitting to all! I hope you enjoy my patterns.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Look, there's something new on the sidebar.

It has taken me one whole year to design, knit, write, edit and design a layout for my first pattern. Slowly the good things come, I hope. I loved every single phase in this process. The actual writing was unexpectedly hard for me - finding the right conventions, using the right words, making it clear and getting all the numbers right. But I loved it so much.

What's even better is seeing the finished test knitting pieces. From my pattern. My design. Oh, the feeling when I saw the first. It was hard to believe my eyes, the pullover was gorgeous! All the work really has been worth it.

Thank you dear test knitters for making this possible!

I hope you enjoy the pattern.