Thursday, January 7, 2010

welcome 2010

New year, new decade. May it be woolen and full of happiness!

We've had some wonderful time over the holidays, with friends and family. We've enjoyed the snow and the great winter here - oh so white and oh so cold. And a little knitting, surely.

That little knitting is mostly my new favourite cardigan. (Hmmm... I think I say that about every finished piece.) But this is so cosy, so warm, so funny and so snugly. Love, love , love it.

Knitted with the yarn I got from my father (the best gift ever). The yarn was spun specially for them many years ago. Too bad they don't have sheep anymore, the yarn is beautiful. It was was natural white, but I decided to dye it. Bold move, but it paid off this time (I do remember some horrifying dye-experiments in the past...) The yellow is perfect!

Pattern: my own
Yarn: bulky weight wool
Needles: 5 mm

I can't stop with the pics, I love this so, so much. The collar is so wonderfully versatile (I'm so happy it worked like a dream!) and I'm constantly playing with it. What a great start for a new year of knitting!