Wednesday, December 10, 2014

knit you advent calendar 2014, day 10: sweater transfers for wool people

Day 10 in the Knit You Advent Calendar 2014: DIY sweatshirt prints

Not that I couldn't wear a knitted sweater every single day, but sometimes it's good to have a sweatshirt option too! Today's surprise is a few ready-made prints for all you wool loving people around. Must say, I had the best time making these today...

DIY printed sweaters - or bags or t-shirts or...

Download these prints here.

Note: Be careful when trying this for the first time, maybe try on some old clothes, on something you don't mind ruining if things don't go right the first time... Also follow the instructions on the transfer papers carefully!

You need:

- Plain sweatshirt/t-shirt/bag
- Printer
- Iron-on Transfer papers
- Iron
- Old newspapers
- Scissors

Follow the instructions on your transfer paper to do things right, because they may vary slightly. Also, the prints are mirrored for a reason: that way the text will be right on the final surface!

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petoskystone said...

Great idea!