Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Interpretations 4

Can't believe that it's the time again! For the fourth time, me and my knitter sister Joji, can finally share with you the result of our yearly collaboration! Here is -

Interpretations Vol. 4

You all know the drill by now! We chose six words, themes, for the collection, with two designs for each theme: our personal interpretation of the word. This time we chose the following words: Gather, Chromatic, Magic, Fragile, Direction and Hidden. More details on the website or on Ravelry!

Travelling has always been a big part of the photos, and because we are living on opposite sides of the world it's also a must! This time we returned to Finland for the second time.

Again we had the pleasure to work with the most wonderful photographer and dear friend! Jonna, I know I'm again repeating myself here (for fourth time probably), but you truly can see magic through the lens of your camera, you catch the things I never thought anyone can see! We are so grateful!

Also, there is a print option for the collection available from Pom Pom Press. We are so happy about this!

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