Tuesday, August 14, 2012

end of summer hiatus

It's August. Mid-August. Clearly I've been in some sort of Summer hiatus here. But underneath this silence a great deal of things have been brewing slowly. Now that I'm getting back on track, there should be more life here too.

Like this super-fun cowl-to-be:


Brianna said...

Everyone deserves a break now and again!

iikku said...

Näyttää hauskalta tuo kauluri...Josku on pidettävä taukoa =)

Lilly said...

Looked foward to seeing the résult!
Thank you for all the beautiful things you realize. I knit your sublime "Color Affection" this summer, here it is :


knitnoni said...

Looking forward for the finish design!

I will love to be your test knitter

Your #1 fan!


Maryse said...

I really like the photos and how well the colors are mixing together! Interesting!

ozonemama said...

I can barely see it...but I already love it...would love to test knit if you need someone : )

angelina said...

beautiful i cant wait !!! :)