Monday, June 7, 2010

painter's jacket

Here's a project that was very long time on needles. Last spring my dear cousin asked, if I could knit her this long cardigan with bat sleeves. She had seen something similar at store, but was not completely happy with it. I had perfect plan for it - not the exact copy but something with the same spirit: The Painter's Jacket. About one year ago (or a bit more) I started.

Somewhere on the way I lost my interest in it. Even if I was exited about the design and wanted to get the jacket to my cousin as soon as possible, I just couldn't force myself to knit it. I had doubts about the texture and hated the yarn. Cotton and me, we are not best friends. I recall all those heavy cotton sweaters I had when I was a child - I hated cotton already at that point.

But now I'm so happy I did finish the jacket, the heavy weight suits the jacket well and the deep and dark blue is so classy. And my cousin is pleased with it too! Oh, the jacket was ready at some point last winter - and the yarn shows no sings of wear today!

Pattern: My own interpretation.
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Muskat
Needles: 4.5 mm


nicole said...

I'm not friends with knitting cotton either. But this is making me rethink my position. It's so gorgeous!

I'm so amazed by your talent, creativity, and taste. To be able to just invent patterns like that!

rosa p. said...

since the first day i found you on ravelry: i knew you are absolutly talented!

love your work so much.

Julie said...

I love the texture, and the collar is amazing!! great design.

petoskystone said...

love the flow of the body, & collar gives such a classy, if not classic, almost vintage, feel to the sweater. wonderfyl!

Linda said...

What a lovely style jacket!

tiina said...

On todella hienoja neuleita. Upeat sivut.
Hugs Tiina

Pervaiz said...

This post is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

i love everything about it! please write a pattern!!