Wednesday, February 17, 2010

at home

We spent the whole last week at home due illnesses and such. Common colds, luckily. Both little ones had too much energy (yet too little) and the boredom which normally transforms into creative play had no where to go.

So we played all the games we have, set up our tepee, played some more and drew and painted all we could. It was an exhausting week and I'm glad we're back to the normal rhythm of things.


petoskystone said...

nice jammies. glad you're all feeling better!

Yuliana said...

cute jammies. From Lindex?
How do you make the tepee?

Jackie said...


glad that u r feeling better and...hmmm staying at home isnt that bad after all looking at how fun and enjoyable time our little guy is in :)

cool playstuff.

Anonymous said...

love the teepee. i have been wanting one of those for my boys for a long time. maybe this summer i will get my butt in gear and actually make one!

Anonymous said...

Great jammies! Hope that you all stay well.