Friday, October 30, 2009

against wind

Winter is coming as we reach the end of October. Trees are bare, the breeze is crisp and the days are getting darker day by day. Daylight is a hidden treasure. And the colors fade. It's beautiful to sense this moment, when all the colors are almost diluted to brown and grey and black.

I've made some preparations for winter, against cold and wind and darkness. I've been thinking about new caps and matching cowl for both little men for a while now, but finally I got the perfect idea. Nothing too complicated, garter stitch because I love it and thick yarn. The color is kind of crazy cold (why on earth have I bought yarn in this color?), but I hope it gives winter the same freeze treatment as it gives to us! And keeps little A warm and happy.

Patterns: my own
Yarn: Pirtin Kehräämön Hahtuva - unspun
Needles: 6 mm

Oh, the best thing in the cap is how the garter stitch pulls the front panel slightly upward and makes the cap fit just perfectly!


Birgitte said...

What a great set! And what a cute little boy - I love the last photo :)

jonnahah said...

Mun mielestäni tuo väri on aivan ihana! Ja sopii mallille täydellisesti :)

Team Knit said...

a great little set, for sure!! Love the colour you chose, it looks so good on him.

- Julie

Christie said...

So cute! What a great color to break up the browns and greys of winter!

k said...

very cute - looks perfect for fighting off the winter chill, despite their "chilly" colour.

elisabete duarte said...

I love the simplicity and this is my favority blue. I can say "just perfect"

Ulliga Moln said...

Hi Veera !
It's the first time I come and visit your blog, I like it a lot !
I specially like the knitted items you make, I think you're good at creating your own pattern. I really appreciate seeing such new and pretty things !

sarahjane said...

I love the cowl! Any plans to offer it as a pattern?

veera said...

Thank you for your comments, you have been so very knid!

I'll write up pattern for the hat and cowl - hopefully over holidays.