Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This sweater has been on needles for a very long time. I do tend to have a lot of WIP's at the same time, keeping focus on just one seems to be impossible for me. I'm not particularly proud of it, but i haven't found a way to change this habit - yet.

Pattern: Tunique col carré by citronille (more like the idea of that tunic)
Yarn: Novita Bambu
Needles: 4 mm, 3,5 mm, 3 mm

I loved nininaphtaline's version of this tunic, but wanted a more fitted sweater. It worked out quite well. Still there is something about my sweater, that I'm not completely happy about. The sleeves are perfect, as is the neck. It might be the hem, but i do like the length of this sweater. The yarn is soft, but the fabric seems to stretch a lot. When I first tried it on, it was so tight that I almost started to cry. After blocking it was fine and now after some use it still stretches more.


manouche said...

So! you speak a little french now! hihihi

Gudrun Johnston said...

I love how this looks....must make myself a black sweater soon...very chic!

Chris said...

I was just wearing a store-bought black tunic much like this that is so well-loved it's getting worn out and thinking "I really need to replicate this in knitted form"...thanks for getting me in the right direction! Yours is lovely.