Thursday, April 23, 2009

not-so-random dress

One half- finished dress or tunic has been hanging in my wardrobe for a --- let me think --- a year and a half now. It was too big, too brown and I hated it. Until now. After finishing my random dress and feeling rather uplifted by the beauty of the whole sewing process, i had the courage to take my ugly-brown-mess-of-linen-dress back in daylight. A few hours of sewing and it was perfect!

I have no idea what made it right this time. I didn't do that much - a few inches from the side seams and a few inches from the hem, some finishing details. Altogether, not that much. And it made all the difference. I think there is some lucky stars above me at the moment.

I want to send my lucky stars to you all too! Take out those unfinished and forgotten pieces - it might be just the right time.