Monday, February 9, 2009

backwards cardigan

What to knit for special little ones? Something warm and thick, playful yet simple, sweet and traditional. Something like this Backwards Cardigan.

I started playing with the idea of cardigan turned around and this is the result. After finishing, i feel that the playfulness, which was on top of my head all the time while knitting, has stepped aside and there is something more conventional and traditional in it. I don't mind, i love it.

Pattern: my own
Yarn: Cascade 220 wool
Needles: 5,0mm

I really liked working with Cascade yarn (this time too) and i love this dark and warm and full shade of brown. It only took 2 skeins to finish - and still i have a bit left. I chose wooden buttons, i had darker ones in mind but since i couldn't find any, i chose these. They are perfect.


joko said...

great pattern! cute!

alittlebitofscrap said...

This is really cute! I like your color choice for yarn and buttons. Really sweet :)

veera said...

Thank you!

Sue said...

Chocolate colored knits are always so cute on babies. I love your idea too, very nice pattern.