Saturday, January 3, 2009

for cold days

Now there's frost on the ground and freeze in the air. Real winter has arrived, only we're missing all the wonderful white snow. My favorite scarf, Christmas-present for my husband, was right on time!

It's the warmest, fluffiest and most comforting scarf i've ever seen or made. I love it. And he likes it too.

Pattern: Vanilla by Sarah Hatton.
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä and unknown mohair held together
Needles: 6mm


joko said...

looks very warm!
i am so thankful for lovely warm scarves (and hats).

veera said...

Thank you, joko! I just found your jespah scarf, which i love too. Great color that yellow!

rosa p. said...

christmas.. time for knitting for the husbands!
looks gorgeous! think, he is very happy...
snow: is here. in the south of germany.

wish you: a wonderful and creative new year.


veera said...

rike: Thank you for you comments and wishes! Enjoy the snow, we're still hoping...