Sunday, November 9, 2008


We (i) did bake a cake. It was a disaster, even though my husband liked it. That was a good thing.

Otherwise it was too wet, too sweet and absolutely too yellow. I should stick with my needles and hooks. The recipe looks wonderful as well as the pictures, found it from Orangette.


rosa p. said...

love those mittens. the texture ist great!

and those cakes.. are a mystery... they never ever look as they should!!

when will you start with mrs. darcy?? let me know!


veera said...

Cakes: well i'm done with them... at least for a while!

And Mrs. Darcy might just be the next, though new pattern ideas keep popping into my mind...


rosa p. said...

oh, i know that.. to much, i wonna knit!
espacally when it's cold outside...

good times for you.