Sunday, October 26, 2008


I needed mittens and have seen most beautiful pictures of Elizabeth Zimmermanns Mitered Mittens. On Ravelry, naturally. I searched trough my stash and decided to go for bulky. Nice yarns i found, tough holding them together made my mittens super-bulky... So i'm hoping for real winter and if we don't get that, i can at least use them as oven mitts. (I only need to weave loose ends and block a bit and they'll done.)

Pattern: copied from pictures of Elizabeth Zimmermanns Mitered Mittens, i didn't have the original pattern.
Yarn: Gjestal Naturgarn no. 1 and unknown sockyarn held together
Needles: 6,0 mm dpns


rosa p. said...

beautiful pictures!
and great mittens. this is a lovely mixture of yarns.

and: i have the pattern.. and there will be SURE winter here. with a lot of snow. i should hurry up!

veera said...

Thank you, again!

I bet the pattern is just wonderful and quickly finished, so go ahead ;) (But don't go for super-bulky yarn...)