Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Powder and Dust

Happy October friends. It's time for More Shawls! There's a bit of a streak of shawl posts here on my blog... I know that I completely forgot to show you my Rhinebeck Sweaters (go see Beeswax and Wildflowers on Ravelry, if you have never heard of them!), but today I must show you another shawl: Powder and Dust.

I'm loving all the simple things that make this shawl: it's a regular triangle with very simple lace motif and a neutral lovely fading colors! Simplicity at its best in my opinion! Yarn is Skinny Singles by Hedgehog Fibres and colorways I used are: Teacup, Film Noir and Graphite. Also I'm loving the little bright pink pops that two of the colors have (Teacup and Film Noir).

Powder and Dust

Lace like little cat paw prints on dust and a lovely neutral, fading color palette make this shawl perfect for every knitter. Easy triangle shape and squishy garter stitch are relaxing to knit, but the lace and the fade add more interest to your shawl.

Choose your favorite 3-color fade and cast on!

Yarn: 3 skeins of Skinny Singles by Hedgehog Fibres (100% Superwash Merino; 400 yards (366 meters)/ 100g). Approx. 1155 yards (1050 meters) of fingering weight yarn; approx. 385 yards (350 meters) of each color. The sample was knit in colorways Teacup (MC), Film Noir (CC1) and Graphite (CC2).

Needle size: 4 mm (US 6)

Please note: The lace is only charted.


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