Thursday, May 10, 2018

Everything Shawl

This year we jumped almost straight from Winter to Summer - so what better way to celebrate the change of the seasons as with a lovely new shawl pattern!

This shawl is very special to me. It holds so many memories from so many lovely trips, starting with the adventure in Argentina in November last year. Then the shawl traveled to New York in Jnauary and later this Spring to Austin Texas. And I barely got it finished - so beware, it's a lot of knitting, but oh, so fun!

The idea was to add everything to a shawl a knitter would want; so there's some easy garter stitch, some stripes, some ribbing, a tad of lace and even some brioche (of course!). To make things even more fun, it mixes three colors and two bases: Kid mohair and fingering weight merino. These colors are so sweet and lovely together, making me happy every time I see even a glimpse of this shawl. But as you can guess, this is perfect for some color experimenting too! 

Everything Shawl

Everything shawl was begun as my travel knitting and it has followed me to Buenos Aires, Patagonia, New York and Austin, Texas. This shawl has truly seen it all!

In addition to being my trusted travel companion, it also has everything a knitter can hope for: Garter stitch, some short rows, twisted ribbing, lace and even a bit of two-colored brioche. Pick up your favorite color combo and let’s start the journey of Everything Shawl together!

Yarn: 2 skeins of Cottage Merino by WalkCollection and 1 skein of Kid Mohair Lace by WalkCollection. Approx. 780 yards (720 meters) of fingering weight yarn (MC and CC1) and 460 yards (420 meters) of lace weight mohair (CC2); 390 yards (360 meters) of each MC and CC1, 460 yards (420 meters) of CC2. The sample was knit in colorways Flamingo Pink (MC, hot pink), Solar System (CC1, yellow speckled) and Peonies (CC2, light pink mohair).

Finished measurements: Approx. 93” (236 cm) wingspan and 40” (100 cm) deep at deepest spot.

Please note: The lace section is only charted!


Julie Crawford said...

That shawl is so beautiful! And we had the same weather here- 2 days of spring and straight into summer heat!

veera said...

Thank you, Julie!

Must say it feels a bit strange to skip Spring almost completely, but oh how I love the warm weather!

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